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Which God Do You Worship?

Has money become a god in your life? Before you say “No”, I want you to think about it. In Luke 16 and Matthew 6, Jesus refers to Mammon. It’s an Aramaic word that usually means “money” but can also mean “wealth”. Jacques Ellul, the famed French philosopher, said “…here Jesus personifies money and considers […]

Four Biblical Principles for Borrowing

Do you need to borrow some money? Although borrowing is not prohibited, the Bible includes many warnings about its danger and misuse. If you must borrow money, here are 4 Biblical principles. First, avoid borrowing unless absolutely necessary. Borrowing should not be a way of life but the exception. You should borrow money only if […]

Consequences of Ignoring Your Bills

Have you ever failed to pay a bill? Early in my marriage, I was in charge of paying all the bills. One day, my wife, Ann, was home when the doorbell rang. A city employee notified her that he was shutting off the utilities due to our non-payment status. Shocked, she assured him that there […]

Choose Your Hard and Let’s Go!

What hard thing are you choosing right now? Giving up Smoking is hard, but having Cancer is also hard. Marriage is often hard, but divorce is also hard. Fitness is hard, but obesity is also hard. Forgiveness is hard, but broken relationships are also hard. Saving money is hard, but financial stress is also hard. […]

Save to Gain Confidence and Freedom

Are you worried about paying the bills but have no savings? Saving takes discipline, but it rewards you in two ways. First, it gives you the confidence to cover emergencies.  You don’t have to panic because you know you can cover unexpected costs.  You can take time off for your personal health or to care […]

Save By Taking One Day at a Time

Are you a saver? According to MarketWatch, nearly 1 in 5 Americans saved zero money in 2021. A 2022 survey reported that only 43% could cover a $1000 emergency expense from their savings. No wonder many are worried about having the funds to cover just one month of living expenses. Apparently, a lot of people […]

Crazy Money Day! Working Overtime

It’s Crazy Money Day! Have you ever had the chance to earn overtime pay? One man did and it sure paid off! In 2015, a janitor at the Bay Area Rapid Transit station grossed $235,000. That was 4 times more than his base pay. Records show that over a 3-year period, he received a total […]

Living in the Light

Jesus never said having money or material possessions was wrong, but how they’re used can reveal symptoms of real problems. Jesus warned us to live in the light: to guard our hearts against greed, covetousness, and pride. Those are tools that Satan uses to control and manipulate the world. It makes you the focus of […]

Financial Slothfulness

Years ago, I got to hold an actual sloth. Now they’re cute, but it gave me a better understanding of the word slothfulness. It hardly moved! Dorothy Sayers, a writer, and friend of C.S. Lewis described sloth as: “…the sin which believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys […]

How to Resolve Shame in Your Finances

How much do you weigh? Would you rather tell someone how much you weigh or tell them how much you have in credit card debt? Surveys show that we’d rather talk about our weight than our finances! Money can be a painful topic because many people feel guilt, shame, and regret, but God doesn’t want […]

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