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A Debt is a Promise to Pay

When you swipe that card for coffee, tennis shoes, or a new TV are you thinking, “I promise to pay you back?” Credit cards are a convenience with a responsibility for those who use them. They come with a vow – a promise that we will repay. All loans come with that same obligation. The […]

Using Credit Cards the Right Way

One time in college, Kristi made a big mistake with her credit card. She knew better, but didn’t think the one big splurge would lead to years of interest charges.. Ever since that experience, she lives by simple rules for her credit cards. Kristi keeps a strict rule that in order to use her credit […]

Millennials Finance Everything

Annie and her husband were DYING to go to a concert this fall. It was their favorite artist, at their favorite venue, and they just wanted to do something to celebrate their 6-month wedding anniversary. They didn’t have enough money to pay for the tickets, so, they just put  them on a credit card. It […]

Equifax Security Breach

  You’ve probably heard about the recent security breach at Equifax, one of the biggest credit reporting agencies. It’s estimated 143 million people have been affected. So as stewards, what do we do? If you haven’t done so already, the most practical step to protect your identity is to initiate a credit freeze at each […]

Credit Card Dilemma

Did you know that Scripture does NOT prohibit borrowing?  BUT…. not ONE positive reference can be found. In fact, MOST of the references are warnings about the dangers of borrowing. America now has the highest credit card debt in history! And, the number of accounts that are seriously past due are growing! Our society is […]

Credit Score

I knew a couple with a mountain of credit card debt that they refused to pay off quickly because they didn’t want to ruin their credit score. But I told them that their stewardship score was much more important. Paying off a lot of debt quickly CAN negatively impact your credit score in some cases. […]

Improving Your Credit Score

Do you know your credit score? Having a good one may not be as complicated as you think. Your credit report is used to make a number of decisions about you. Businesses, banks, landlords, and even employers check credit reports. Since it affects so many parts of life, you should ensure that your report is […]

Giving with Debt

My wife, Ann and I have just released a new book, called Money Problems, Marriage Solutions – 7 Keys to Aligning Your Finances and Uniting Your Hearts. We share the most important lessons that we have learned to help other couples. God designed your marriage to be a financial blessing not a burden. Order you copy […]

Why Live Debt-Free?

  What does the Bible say about debt? The Bible doesn’t say that having debt is a sin or that borrowing is evil. But both can be symptoms of other problems. Proverbs warns that, “The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is slave to the lender.” That’s not how Christ intended for you […]

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