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Warranty Scams

I’ve never purchased an extended warranty. An extended car warranty is a service contract between you and a warranty company. General warranties are included in the sales price of vehicles, but an extended car warranty or service contract is not. I don’t recommend them. Instead, buy reputable cars and set aside money for repairs. We frequently […]

Do You Really Need Two Cars?

It’s expensive to own two cars! One of my sons recently totaled his car on black ice. He borrowed mine until insurance took care of his. So my wife and I shared her car by planning ahead and combining errands. Flexibility made it work. The savings of going from two vehicles to one adds up […]

Savings Day – Just Ask

Have you ever saved money by asking? My friend, Matt Bell, at Sound Mind Investing says he saves money just by asking. He’s had fees waived, subscription prices lowered, price hikes canceled and even costly vehicle repairs more than reimbursed by the manufacturer. Anytime he receives notice that a monthly bill is about to increase, […]

Semiconductor Chip Shortage

Have you noticed limited supply and higher prices of certain products?  Take cars for instance. When COVID hit, people fled cities to work remotely. Without the convenience of public transportation, they bought vehicles. When travel dropped, rental companies sold their inventories. Later, they purchased used vehicles to meet rising demand, but the primary factor affecting […]

Savings Day – Wait to Buy a Used Car

Want to buy a car? Prices for used-cars are way up over the same time last year—some as high as 30%. In June, Bloomberg reported that higher prices for used cars contributed to the rise in U.S. inflation and were responsible for one third of the rise in consumer prices. Tim Healy at TheTruthAboutCars says, […]

Wise Use of Available Cash

Is cash burning a hole in your pocket? Stimulus checks and tax refunds created a spending surge, but if you’re holding out, steward those dollars wisely. Are you carrying credit card debt? Pay it down. Any pay-day loans? Eliminate them ASAP. Don’t Have an emergency fund? Start one today! Car dealerships will try to get […]

A Wealthy, Wise Man

It’s easy to be careful with your finances when money is tight. Today, Crown’s founder, the late Larry Burkett, reminds us that good stewards are just as careful with an abundance of money.     If you’ve been helped by Crown or this radio station, I want to ask you to support us. We work […]

Rising Gas Prices

Have you noticed the jump in gasoline prices? Industry analysts say prices are up due to higher crude oil costs., says it’s a supply and demand problem. Now that people are moving about, demand has increased. The impact is felt across the economy. Increased transportation costs affect retail prices, public transportation, and the sales […]

RV Regret in Retirement

Are you dreaming about hitting the road in an RV? Not so fast! I’ve always thought that owning a recreational vehicle would be a ton of fun – especially a classic Airstream! We know people who take theirs to college tailgate parties, and others who RV with friends. Last June, surveyed retirees about owning […]

Overcoming Financial Ignorance

How much home can you afford? How about automobiles? Do you realize that the amount we spend on these two items can make or break our financial well-being, and too many of us are, in fact, making choices that break us.  Today, Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett, identifies the reason for most of those bad decisions. […]

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