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Looking For a Job?

Are you looking for a job in 2022? Years ago, I was between jobs and not sure where to turn.  I began praying and asking God to open doors for me through my network of friends. Within days, a friend referred me to a friend of his who owned a large company. The interview was […]

Integrity Is Priceless

Your integrity is priceless. Integrity is the condition of being whole, complete, undivided. It characterizes the morally upright. The Bible summarizes the lives of Israel and Judah’s kings with a single measurement. Either they did what was right in the eyes of God, or they did evil. Their entire life’s work boiled down to integrity […]

Crown Stewardship Centers

In 2008, we launched our first Stewardship Center in Blantyre, Malawi. In Malawi, we train villagers to overcome poverty using their own resources. We’ve expanded our work around the globe. Our Stewardship Centers are community-based hubs that empower at-risk individuals to discover their purpose, learn to make a living, and manage their resources. Individuals are […]

Earn the Right to Be Heard

Feeling at odds with the culture at your workplace?  Christianity’s always been at odds with culture, not just corporate culture but the entire unredeemed world. Yet, we’re called to serve as salt and light. We don’t compromise Truth or God’s call on our lives, but we must be wise and discerning. Do you speak out […]

Customer Service Counts

It’s Crazy Money Day! Customer service has always been important to me. An organization’s reputation is built upon it. In July, Ann and I flew to a conference in Colorado. Coming back was a nightmare. We got up early to drive two hours into Denver International. I received an email on the way that our fight […]

Find Work/Rest Balance

Are you getting enough rest? One of my sons thought I was a workaholic until he had to support a family. He then ate those words! God gave Adam a job before sin entered the world. Work’s good for us – a blessing! Plus, whether at home or at an office, work grants opportunities to […]

Love Your Neighbor

Do you love your neighbor? Martin Luther once said: “A true Christian lives and labors on earth not for himself but for his neighbor. Therefore the whole spirit of his life compels him to do even that which he needs not do, but which is profitable and necessary for his neighbor.” I enjoy studying history and […]

Idleness is Costly

Do you steward your time? Living with purpose will improve your finances greatly.                                                                      We have 24 hours each day to work, […]

Mentoring Your Successor in Business

If you run a business, you understand the  sense of ownership that’s required to make it successful, but one day, you’ll have to put the reins into someone else’s hands. Today, our founder, the late Larry Burkett, offers insights on how to prepare for that day.    Now if credit card debt is keeping you […]

Financial Benefits of Relationships

Years ago, one of my sons was so frustrated with his boss that he wanted to quit his job. I counseled him to stay. My son listened to my advice and learned the financial benefit of relationships. Burning bridges is life altering. There’s no turning back to the way things used to be. Once something is […]