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Are You Paying Your Employees Fairly? Larry Burkett

One of the key principles that every successful businessperson knows is to keep expenses low. But does that apply to every aspect of the business? Today, Crown founder, Larry Burkett reminds us that when it comes to paying employees, God has high expectations. Larry Burkett founded Crown in 1976 and for the past 43 years […]

Do I Have to Change Jobs to Get a Good Raise?

Thinking about changing jobs? Money isn’t the only thing you should consider! A popular belief is circulating that employees who seek jobs with different companies do better financially because they have the upper hand in negotiating power. The idea is by switching jobs every few years, you’ll continue to earn more and more money. But, […]

Amazon Price Increase: Is It Worth It?

How important is your Amazon Prime membership? Is it worth an extra $20 a year? More than 100 million people are Prime members. They get access to two-day shipping, unlimited streaming of music, movies and TV shows, discounts on Amazon Music Unlimited, and cloud storage for photos and more. The Amazon CFO recently announced, “The value […]

If You Freelance, Don’t Forget These Things

If you’re a freelancer, work for yourself, or run your own company, don’t forget to do these things for your finances. Budgeting as a freelancer can be especially difficult since you may not have steady income, so it’s best to base your budget off an average of what you earned last year. Saving for retirement […]

Two Ways to Turn Your Work Into Worship

In my travels, I see people who worship their work, work at their play, and play at their worship. Are you one of those? Hi, this is Chuck Bentley with My Money Life from Crown. Work was created by God for our good. But, it can become our identity, source of worth, or the “necessary […]

Collecting Money From Customers – Larry Burkett

Today, Crown founder, Larry Burkett, advises Christian business owners on how to deal with customers that default on their payments. If you have questions about your own finances or need someone to pray with you, call the Crown Helpline at 800-722-1976. Our staff is standing by to talk to you! You can also find our […]

Paying Employees Well – Larry Burkett

  Your small gift will make a big impact!  If you’ve been blessed by the ministry of Crown or Larry Burkett, will you make a gift today? And to thank you for your generosity, I’ll send you Total Life Stewardship, a brand new video series to help you become a better steward. Give generously today […]

Preparing for a Job Interview

If you’re in the job market, do you know what employers really want? An interview is often the deciding factor for employers. In fact, once a person lands a job interview they need to know what employers are really seeking. Liz Ryan, at Forbes, says that these include qualities in new hires not listed in […]