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Improving Your Credit Score

Do you know your credit score? Having a good one may not be as complicated as you think. Your credit report is used to make a number of decisions about you. Businesses, banks, landlords, and even employers check credit reports. Since it affects so many parts of life, you should ensure that your report is […]

Don’t Wait – Just Do It!

Are you waiting to make a budget until you make a little more money? Or to start giving when you’ve paid off your debt? That you’ll start saving for retirement first thing next year? But you just never seem to get there… Procrastination … we all do it! It’s like the classic promise we make […]

Preparing a Christmas Budget

Christmas may seem like it’s very far away….but it’s closer than you may think. Is your budget ready for the biggest spending event of the year?? Many people are financially unprepared for Christmas spending and accumulate debt, starting the New Year off with stress, anxiety, and high interest rates. This is like getting hit by […]

Starting a Budget

Have you been waiting to make a budget until you make just a littttlle more money? Have you had good intentions to save for retirement but it just hasn’t  happened? Or maybe you were going to rework your plan to get out of debt, but it was just never the right time. If you think […]

What to do When You Overspend

Mike’s had been wanting that watch for a long time. Sure, it was a little over what they should spend right now, but he could always make it up next paycheck, right? I mean, It wasn’t that big of a deal! Does Mike’s story sound familiar to you? Most of us don’t plan to overspend – […]

Offensive and Defensive Financial Strategy

Do you have an OFFENSIVE or DEFENSIVE strategy with your money? Well, just like any good sports team, you should have both! Think of it like this – your offensive strategy is how you earn your income. And your defensive strategy is how you manage your expenses. You can work really hard to make more money […]

Don’t Spend More Than You Make

  I have a simple principle for you to never EVER go into debt   Ready for this?   Don’t spend more than you make!   That’s it! If you never spend more money than you make you’ll never go into debt. But I know it is easier said than done! It’s normal today to […]

How Much Labor Does an Item Cost?

Ever thought about how many hours you have to work in order spend money? This is one of my favorite ways to control my spending. It’s also a great lesson for your kids to learn! Think about how much you earn an hour, and – if you are salaried – just calculate your average hourly rate. Now, […]

Christmas in July

It may sound crazy, but Christmas in July could be a great way to save money!! Ok, well maybe you don’t have to actually celebrate Christmas right now, but you may want to start thinking about it! Why? Because you’re just 5 short months away from the most expensive time of the entire year – […]