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 We want you to have the tools and support you’ll need to get there. Now, when you purchase the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study, you’re invited to join our Facebook group with direct access to other course participants and Crown leaders. Stewardship is a lifestyle, not just information. Join a community of people and experience real transformation in your finances.

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MoneyLife Personal Finance Study

Crown’s life-transforming course. 10 lessons rooted in biblical principles with practical application. More info

Access to Online Community (optional)

Join Crown’s private Facebook group, a space for questions, conversations, and support as you go through the course. More info

Go at your own pace

Complete the course at your own pace. Join our private Facebook community (if you want), start your own group with your friends, or go through the course on your own. It’s your journey –  get the experience you need.

Access to a suite of Crown Resources

Take Crown’s MoneyLife Indicator Assessment and use free practical resources on Crown’s website. More info

Quick Feedback and Support

Get advice from Crown MoneyCoaches in our Facebook Group as you share your experiences, questions, and concerns. More info

Special Web Events with Crown Leadership

Join webinars, calls, and Q&A sessions in our Facebook Group with Crown Leadership figures. More info


How This Fits Your Life

Flexible platform allows you to complete the course

  1. With an online Crown community
  2. With a group you assemble
  3. On your own or with a partner

New reduced price includes all course materials and access to private Facebook Group

Combine instructional materials that work with a community experience for real, lasting transformation.


Your journey to financial freedom begins now.



Lifetime Access / 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • A 10-step course rooted in biblical principles
  • Access to online community (optional)
  • Great for individuals
  • Work online at your own pace
  • Feedback and Support
  • The Crown suite of financial resources
  • Access to special online events
  • Lifetime access to the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study



Begin by inviting others to join you in the course.



Lifetime Access / 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • The same 10-step course rooted in biblical principles
  • Invite others into your group
  • Great for small groups and churches
  • The Crown suite of financial resources
  • Access to facilitator tools and support
  • Use built-in community features
  • Lifetime access to the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoneyLife Personal Finance Study?

This course is a self-paced, online course, designed to teach God’s plan for managing our personal finances. It teaches biblically-based principles and provides step-by-step instruction for applying them to your life.

Is the $14.95 fee refundable?

Yes! If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase simply email customer support within 30 days of your purchase and they will promptly issue you a refund.

What topics are covered?

The MoneyLife Personal Finance Study covers debt, budgeting, saving, work, generosity, investing, honesty, and legacy. No matter where you stand financially, you’ll find guidance and support as you move forward.

Is this course for groups, individuals or couples?

It is for everyone! You can take the course by yourself, but if you are married (or soon to be), it is recommended that you do this as a couple. Our flexible platform allows you to create a new group and invite friends to join you in the course! Or, participate in our Crown MoneyLife Facebook Group for a different community experience.

How do I start a new group with people in my church, friends, etc?

You can easily start your own small group within the course. To learn about starting and facilitating a group, visit this page.

What is the Crown MoneyLife Facebook Group?

The Crown MoneyLife Facebook Group is a community option for anyone who signs up for the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study (or has signed up in the past).  It’s a private Facebook group where course participants and Crown staff/leaders can interact with each other, encourage each other, ask questions, and engage throughout the course. It’s the added bonus for this season and we hope you’ll love to participate! You’ll receive an invitation via email when you sign up. It’s completely optional; whether you join is up to you.

Are there due dates, check-in times, or other obligations on the Facebook Group?

Nope! You’re in a self-paced course. Work at the pace that meets your lifestyle and needs.  You might find that group members are working on different weeks, and that’s okay. You’re free to come and go as you please, checking the page when it best suits you. We hope you find that it’s an encouragement, rather than a duty.

I read that Crown leadership will be engaging with the Facebook page. Is this true?

Yes! Leaders from Crown will be hosting special web events such as webinars and Q&A sessions from the Crown home office.  They’re eager to hear your questions and get involved as you are going through the course.

Laura T

“God has reminded me to seek Him first, above all else, and to refocus my energy on getting and staying organized with the gifts He has provided. I want to remember that each week as I work through the budget …. and ask myself.. how are the choices I am making furthering His Kingdom?”


“I have been a part of 12+ classes on how to handle money properly over the years and never finished. I successfully completed, with God’s help and Crown’s direction, the online MoneyLife course. I truly enjoyed the class and encourage others to take the course.”