Project: Malawi


  • Citizens need a better understanding of biblical stewardship principles, but especially need practical teaching on environmental and farming stewardship.
  • They need opportunities to become self-sustaining through business initiatives so they can become less dependent on western support.


  • We’re planting Crown Stewardship Centers to provide a central location for biblically based teaching and training on stewardship, and the effective management of God’s resources. The Centers equip leaders to train generations of Christian based decision makers and followers of Christ who are legacy builders for the Kingdom, multiplying the teaching and training of Redemptive Stewardship. Each Center utilizes Crown resources with a unique, regional focus to equip Christians.


The first Crown Stewardship Center opened in 2009 in Blantyre, Malawi. Since its inception, hundreds of people have been trained in:

  • Crown’s African Money Map – Gospel, Resource & Generational Stewardship
  • Foundations for Farming – Environmental & Business Stewardship
  • Bee Keeping & Agroforestry – Vocational Stewardship
  • Composting, Vegetable Production, Farm Planning and Crop Production – Environmental Stewardship

Two more Stewardship Centers are now open in Mzuzu and Zomba



  • Malawi has a democratic government
  • There is a low life expectancy, a high infant mortality rate, and a high maternal mortality rate
  • Malawi is the 4th poorest country in the world and unique in that it’s state isn’t due to recent civil war
  • Witchcraft is practiced regularly

A Story


Maria lives in Mzuzu, Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. Surrounded by witchcraft and living in a culture where success is hexed, it’s hard for Maria to survive. As a single mother, she lives on very little and what money she makes varies from day to day, so she takes out loans or takes on debt from neighbors to pay for bread and maize for her two children.

This was her story until she learned about the new Crown Stewardship Center. She started attending classes where she was introduced to the Money Map. She learned that financial cycle was not God’s plan for her life. With help from her trainers, she made a plan to pay off her debts and to start saving small portions of her income to help her provide for her family. She even started saving and sharing handfuls of her food to be able to give to others in need.

Because of her training, she now knows that everything belongs to God, and that she can glorify Him with all her money and possessions, and she’s teaching her children to do the same.

*Maria story is that of many of Mzuzu’s citizens.  She represents all the people we can help discover God’s way of Resource, Environmental, and Generational Stewardship.


We want to expand what’s being offered to help transform every aspect of a person’s life. We see a need to create self sustaining business.
The Malawian government depends heavily on outside aid to develop the country. While this need (and the aid offered) has decreased since 2000, citizens need to be able to support themselves, like they are in Blantyre, through operations like:

  • Bicycle Cheese
  • Honey production
  • ​Handful of Maize – GIVING to one another!


Budget is currently being determined for the following Phase 1 related expenses:

  • Translate materials to various African languages
  • Purchase additional land for program growth
  • Expand the living quarters so we can host and train more students
  • Build a technology lab with computers, projection equipment, and a TV for training