Budget Coaching Resources

Crown's Budget Coaching are biblically-based and available in a variety of digital formats to help you in your journey to financial freedom.   Browse the FREE ebooks and a MP3 courses below to get started!

More Than Money ebook

More Than Money: Finding True Financial Freedom eBook

The More Than Money eBook lays out steps on how to find freedom from worry, anxiety, tension, harassment, or bitterness about money. This remarkable book incorporates sound biblical principles to reveal God’s step-by-step plan for your financial freedom.

God's Principles of Operating a Business

God's Principles of Operationg a Business MP3

A classic seminar taught by author and teacher Larry Burkett presents 36 principles in MP3 format that will set any business apart from the rest. It provides biblical guidance on how to conduct nearly every aspect of your business according to God’s will to produce a new level of success in ways you never thought possible!

MoneyLife Basics Ebook Series

MoneyLife Basics eBook Series

Designed to give you immediate answers to every day questions, the MoneyLife Basics series provides you clear biblical guidance to start you on your journey to peace and financial freedom.

Practical Wisdom in Uncertain Times MP3

Practical Wisdom in Uncertain Times MP3

Practical Wisdom is a collection of audio teachings on timeless biblical principles for every day personal finance issues such as borrowing, investing, budgeting, and so much more. You’ll discover how to identify God’s will, biblical principles for borrowing, a proven plan to pay off debt, investment principles and much more.

Creative Ways to Increase Your Income MP3

Creative Ways to Increase Your Income MP3

These audio teachings provide you with 10 practical ideas on how to increase your income. Included is an interview with John Nardini with insights on how to focus on “passive income,” develop multiple income sources, and how to employ “Giganomics” all while reducing your financial stress.

Breaking Free Movie Download

Breaking Free: Recovery from Financial Captivity Video Download

Breaking Free contains powerful spiritual insights that will help you set your financial priorities straight according to truths found in God’s Word. Discover how to break free from financial bondage and how to choose the path that leads to freedom in Christ. The extraordinary teachings found here will allow you to look at your finances through a whole new lens and change your perspective on economic bondage.

You Bought What MP3

You Bought What? MP3

You Bought What? helps you look at your spending from a biblical perspective. It provides audio teaching from Crown CEO Chuck Bentley on topics such as how to better understand the different types of spending, how others try to motivate you to spend, and what spending really is. With its 12 practical how-to steps for breaking the grip of over-spending, You Bought What? gives you a powerful way to overcome this budget buster!

12 Secrets to True Wealth MP3

The Twelve Secrets to True Wealth MP3

The Twelve Secrets will help you redefine your perception of wealth. These audio teachings explore topics such as the real relationship between God and your money, the true definition of wealth, how much is enough, and is it OK for a Christian to be wealthy. Listening to these will have a major impact on the way you view the resources God has granted you.