What Kind of Gas Does Your Car Really Need?

Did you know Americans waste billions of dollars each year thinking they will improve fuel economy?

The AAA Premium Fuel Omnibus Survey estimates that 2.1 billion
dollars are wasted each year by drivers buying premium gas for cars designed to run on regular. My own wife bought into the premium myth for years!

Triple A (AAA) reports that premium gas is used in high-performance engines that are designed to operate on 93 octane fuel. Vehicles engineered to run on regular gas of 87 octane, cannot take advantage of the higher octane rating to produce more horsepower.

So, unless your vehicle has a high–performance engine you are wasting money. Check your owner’s manual to know if premium is required or just recommended.

Now, cheap gas is another issue. TopTierGas.com lists retailers who sell high standard gasoline that produces a cleaner, greener fuel.  About 1/3 of the gas stations in America meet the standards. A few extra cents may insure you are filling your vehicle with gasoline that gives optimum performance and fuel economy.

And, some final tips to get the best mileage:

  • Do your routine maintenance (it’s cheaper to maintain than to fix big problems!)
  • Lighten your load – only carry the essentials
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Replace a worn or damaged gas cap
  • Avoid idling for periods of time.
  • Drive like a chauffeur – make smooth starts and stops, keep your speed steady and don’t slam on the brakes.
  • Avoid unnecessary driving, plan your route, and ride-share!

You know, stewarding well requires us to do our part. A little research can help us better manage that which God has given us so that we can use the excess to give to others.

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