Preparing for a Significant Economic Correction

By Chuck Bentley

I recently participated in a conference that featured Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of both The Harbinger and The Shemitah. Rabbi Cahn is convinced that the year of Jubilee beginning in September of 2015 will bring a significant shaking of the financial markets. I enjoyed listening to his logic based upon an understanding of Scripture and the times in which we are living. However, Rabbi Cahn is quick to point out that he is not a prophet and does not know the future. He is simply giving a warning of his concern more as a son of Issachar who understands the times.

preparing for an ecoomic correction

On a practical level, the markets are due a correction. Government intervention and monetary policies have caused a distortion of real values in the market. A professional investment advisor friend told me that he expects a 10 to 15 percent correction at a minimum sometime this year. So here’s my advice: Be conservative, be diversified, and be at peace. Like Jonathan Cahn, I too believe the safest place on Earth is in the center of God’s will. The market goes up and down and will continue to do so. Our peace, our provision, and our protection come from the Lord, so we have nothing to fear. Do we need to be wise and diversified for turbulence? Yes, by all means. Do we need to be panicked? Never.

God wants His people to be prepared, not paranoid. So here is a quick check list:

1. Are your investments diversified?

2. Are you living beneath your means with financial margin to weather a downturn?

3. Are you serving God’s purpose for your life?

If so, keep calm and carry on.

Originally posted 6/30/2015.