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9 Things You Don’t Want to Say at Work

9 Things You Don't Want to Say at Work

Ever feel like you’re not quite sure where “the line” at work is? Many professionals deal with complicated office politics, and often it goes beyond just agreeing with your supervisor or not talking behind their back. I too have found that reckless words at work do far more damage than most folks ever anticipate, whether […]

What Kids Don’t Learn in School

What Kids Don't Learn in School

It’s that time of year! Some parents rejoice as others reluctantly send their children back to school. Whatever camp you land in, we are trusting that our students are getting a well-rounded education. As students are hopefully learning the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic, one subject is woefully ignored by most schools – personal […]

Everything You Need to Know About Mortgages

Purchasing a home is typically the largest financial investment any of us will ever make. Throughout Scripture, God talks about land as a possession and an investment worthy of our efforts. Jeremiah 29:5 says, “Build houses and live in them plant gardens and eat their produce.” But deciding what land to invest in, and getting the […]

3 Ways Social Media is Wrecking Your Budget

INFLUENCES OF SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Social media. We love it?  We hate it? We hate that we love it? Whether or not you’re following, tweeting, pinning, gramming, or sharing, our world has drastically changed because of these social platforms, and they greatly impact your life, and finances. All these social platforms are businesses and are […]

Ask Chuck: Should I Have a Health Savings Account?

Ask Chuck: Should I Have a Health Savings Account?

Dear Chuck, I just accepted a new position and have the opportunity to enroll in a Health Savings Account (HSA). I’m not sure I should, so I wanted to get your perspective. My wife works part-time and we have a preschooler. We’re all in good health so no big expenses are expected. Thanks, Unsure About […]

Everything You Need to Know About Mutual Funds

Everything You Need to Know About Mutual Funds

There have never been more stock and bond investment opportunities or information sources available than at the present, but deciding which stocks or bonds to buy has never been more difficult. Equity mutual funds are an alternative to individual stocks and bonds, and they are an easy way to participate in the stock market. They enable […]

Are Multi-level Marketing Companies a Good Idea for Christians?

Are Multi-level Marketing Companies a Good Idea for Christians?

Are Multi-level Marketing companies a good idea for Christians? It’s an important question during a day and age where businesses like this are popping up everywhere you look. I’d venture to say that you’ve been approached on Facebook or in person by at least one friend recently to hear more about their new business venture […]

Ask Chuck: Don’t Break the Bank on Back to School

Ask Chuck: Don't Break the Bank on Back to School

Dear Chuck, This year I’ll have three children in school, and I’m dreading the cost of uniforms and school supplies. They’re all at an age where they notice the things their friends have and feel embarrassed if their belongings aren’t quite as nice. I want to teach them about good stewardship, but I also want […]

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