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Ask Chuck: Christmas Shopping on a Budget

Ask Chuck: Christmas shopping on a budget

Dear Chuck, Christmas is right around the corner, and I’m having a little bit of trouble shopping for Christmas presents. I want to buy meaningful, useful gifts, but it can just get so expensive so fast. Beyond just having a budget, what advice can you give on how to prepare for holiday spending? Thanks, Making […]

5 Mistakes That Lead to Debt

5 Mistakes that lead to debt

Have you ever thought about what causes debt? Most people who have accumulated debt didn’t do so on purpose. It’s usually because of a series of small mistakes, one huge accident, or an assumption that “this is just the way it’s done”. But underneath all those causes are deeper, hidden problems. Paying off debt or […]

Why You Can’t Measure Your Self-Worth in Dollars, Titles, or Possessions

Why You Can’t Measure Your Self-Worth in Dollars, Titles, or Possessions

Early in my career, a mentor told me, “You’ve got to look for the people who’ve got fruit on the tree.” He was referring to Matthew 7:17, “Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.” My mentor believed that if a person was wealthy and successful, they must be an […]

So You Think You’re Going to…Get Married

so you think you're going to get married

Marriage was designed by God to bring abundant blessing into our lives as we work together in unity as husband and wife. I hope that if you’re engaged, newly married, or a seasoned spouse that you are experiencing all the blessings that marriage can bring. Yet for so many couples, they never experience these benefits. […]

Ask Chuck: Should I Refinance My Home?

Dear Chuck, We have been our first home for three years and want to refinance to lower our mortgage payments.  Should we go with an ARM, 15 year or 30 year fixed? Thanks, Happy Homeowners Dear Happy Homeowners, There’s a hymn that goes: “This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through. My […]

How to Find Job Satisfaction No Matter Where You Work

Job satisfaction

If you Google the phrase “how to be successful”, you’ll find plenty of advice telling you which TED talks to watch, which mindsets to adopt, and which steps will help you achieve a fulfilling life. Type “success” into Amazon’s book search, and you’ll get 101 pages filled with books on every aspect of success. Everywhere […]

Ask Chuck: Choosing a Trending Career

choosing a trending career

Dear Chuck, I have been in my current job for only two years since graduation and am starting to feel I made a mistake. I don’t like the hours I am required to work and the compensation is not keeping up with my needs. To make it worse, the outlook for this field is bleak. […]

5 Small Steps To Improve Your Financial Health

Five Small Steps to Improve Your Financial Health

Have you ever made a little decision that resulted in a BIG impact? I know I have. In 2015 I decided to drink water only for the entire year.  Yes, that’s right…no coffee, tea, juice, soda, smoothies or lattes. Nothing but H2O!  For full disclosure, I made it the entire 365 days, and felt so […]

How To Thrive in the Radically Changing Work Environment

How To Thrive in the Radically Changing Work Environment

Believe it or not, there was a time when people kept in touch via phone calls and letters instead of following each other’s updates on Facebook. They purchased their clothes and groceries from brick-and-mortar stores instead of outsourcing their shopping needs to their Amazon Prime accounts. And if they wanted to watch TV, they had […]

What Does the Bible Say About Investing?

what does the bible say about investing

Christians should invest, not simply to accumulate wealth for their own sake, but to increase their effectiveness for God’s Kingdom. Teaching Christians to invest is as important as teaching them how to budget. It’s all part of living as faithful stewards. What the Bible Says About Investing Investing is a way to multiply the resources […]

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