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The First Step to Financial Freedom

Have you been waiting to make a budget until you make just a little more money? Maybe you have good intentions to start saving for retirement, but it just hasn’t happened. Debt has a way of accumulating quickly while we work to develop a plan to pay it off. Can you identify with any of […]

Ask Chuck: 4 Lessons About Your 401K

Dear Chuck, My wife and I have a mortgage, a car loan, and some student debt. In addition, we’re maxed out on several credit cards after a series of bad spending decisions. Should I use my 401K to pay off my household debt? Thanks, Need Help Dear Need Help, Millions of Americans are in the […]

13 Gluten-Free Meals You Can Make for Less Than $3

13 Gluten-Free Meals You Can Make for Less Than $3

It’s completely possible to buy affordable, filling, healthy, (even gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or paleo) groceries to prepare delicious, and creative recipes for your family. The average American family spends 12% of their total income on food, and the average meal “out” costs $12.75. Since food and groceries takes up such a large portion of your […]

What Does the Bible Say About Unfairness in the Workplace?

What Does the Bible Say About Unfairness in the Workplace?

Ever feel like the wrong people always get ahead? The talented, humble, hard workers are often ignored, and those that flatter the boss, or take credit for things they didn’t do, get the promotions, the bonuses, and all the praise. It’s frustrating and can be demoralizing. When faced with this frustration, many people start considering […]

What Does the Bible Say About Being Rich?

What Does the Bible Say About Being Rich?

There are two extreme financial teachings in Christian camps today: the Prosperity Gospel and the Poverty Gospel. I believe both are wrong. Those who believe that riches are a sign of God’s blessing advance what is commonly referred to as the Prosperity Gospel. This teaches that you can command God to prosper you financially, that […]

9 Things You Don’t Want to Say at Work

9 Things You Don't Want to Say at Work

Ever feel like you’re not quite sure where “the line” at work is? Many professionals deal with complicated office politics, and often it goes beyond just agreeing with your supervisor or not talking behind their back. I too have found that reckless words at work do far more damage than most folks ever anticipate, whether […]

What Kids Don’t Learn in School

What Kids Don't Learn in School

It’s that time of year! Some parents rejoice as others reluctantly send their children back to school. Whatever camp you land in, we are trusting that our students are getting a well-rounded education. As students are hopefully learning the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic, one subject is woefully ignored by most schools – personal […]

Everything You Need to Know About Mortgages

Purchasing a home is typically the largest financial investment any of us will ever make. Throughout Scripture, God talks about land as a possession and an investment worthy of our efforts. Jeremiah 29:5 says, “Build houses and live in them plant gardens and eat their produce.” But deciding what land to invest in, and getting the […]

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