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Researchers say they have cracked the code to happiness

By Chuck Bentley There was some irony in a certain news story out of CBS New York. After decades of studying and working with tens of thousands of patients, researchers at the Mayo Clinic, one of the most prestigious health organizations in the world, say they’ve cracked the code to being happy. According to psychiatrist John Tamerin, […]

Rationalizing a luxury or indulgence

By Chuck Bentley A Hermès Birkin bag with diamonds set a record for the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction ($221,846). According to the Wall Street Journal, the fuchsia bag sold at Christie’s afternoon handbag auction in Hong Kong recently and was purchased by an unknown bidder on the phone. Astonishingly, the record-setting handbag—which could be eclipsed by […]

China’s morality bank

By Chuck Bentley I like to keep up with developments in China since Crown has a very strong outreach there. I found this story fascinating. China has opened what is called a “morality bank” to reward good Samaritans. This bank in a northeastern Chinese city has seen residents flocking to open accounts that enable them […]