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Ask Chuck: Financial Concerns for Elderly Parents

Dear Chuck, I don’t know how my parents are going to afford to live their projected lifespan. If they are concerned, they sure don’t live like it. I’m saving and investing as much as I can, but I’m not sure I could adequately come to their rescue. Need Hope Dear Hope, I understand your concern. […]

Ask Chuck: What Does the Bible Say About the Green New Deal?

Dear Chuck, Doesn’t the Bible say we should protect the environment? Are we going to have to give in to centralized government controls to preserve our natural resources? This “Green New Deal” has me nervous. Ms. Green   Dear Ms. Green, There is a lot in your question so let’s take the issues in order. […]

Ask Chuck: Economic Consequences of New York State’s Reproductive Health Act

Dear Chuck, The most recent New York abortion legislation is appalling; but besides being morally wrong, won’t a population decline hurt our economy? This seems like a bad direction for us all. Concerned American Dear Concerned, Your concern is well placed. Yes, the long-term economic consequences of abortion are bad for everyone. New York State’s […]

Ask Chuck: Setting Financial Goals for the New Year (And How to Reach Them)

Ask Chuck Financial Goals for 2019

Dear Chuck, My husband and I desperately need to get a handle on our money next year. What are some of the most important things we should do? We have struggled to keep our New Year’s Resolution beyond February. New Goals in the New Year   Dear New Goals, Struggling to set and keep goals […]

Ask Chuck: Subprime Loans

Ask Chuck Subprime Loans

Dear Chuck, My husband and I would love to buy a home before our second child is born next spring. We are seriously considering a subprime loan since we don’t have a down payment. We have a few years left on our student loans and a car payment. We’ve been told that renting is like […]

Ask Chuck: Should Christians Invest in Cannabis?

Dear Chuck, There is a lot of talk lately about the potential profits to be earned by investing in cannabis (marijuana) opportunities. Personally, I think it is wrong, though some of my Christian friends see it as an appropriate way to invest. As a parent of teenagers, I am very concerned about the likely legalization […]

Ask Chuck: Preparing for a Recession

Ask Chuck Preparing for a Recession

Dear Chuck, I’m hearing and reading murmurs of a coming recession. My investments took a beating in the last one, and our property value has finally recovered. I’m feeling uneasy and would love your advice on how to adequately prepare? Getting Nervous Dear Nervous, The idea of preparing for hardship is timeless. Noah built an […]

Ask Chuck: A Biblical Case for Saving Money

Ask Chuck- Biblical Case for Saving Money

Dear Chuck, My wife and I hope to be able to retire when I turn 65. We’ve made plans and dreamed about the time we would invest in our grandchildren’s lives and the joy of taking mission trips together. But, the closer I get to 65 (2 years away) I realize I just haven’t saved […]