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Would you take out a 30-year mortgage to buy a pizza?

By Chuck Bentley While it sounds ridiculous, you may actually be taking out a mortgage when you use your credit card to purchase things like pizza or coffee or gasoline. Here’s why: If you use a credit card that carries a $2,000 credit balance with an 18 percent annual rate, with a minimum payment of […]

Are you achieving your full career potential?

By Chuck Bentley I read a fascinating study by Professor Tony Wagner of the Harvard Graduate School of Education called “Overcoming the Global Achievement Gap.” What is that gap, you may be asking? The Global Achievement Gap is the gap between what even our best schools are teaching and testing versus the skills all students will need for […]

Don’t exchange your Cap and Gown for a Financial Ball and Chain

By Chuck Bentley “Graduates across the country need to make plans to avoid a debt that may never go away,” advised Crown CEO Chuck Bentley. “Winning the ‘Game of Loans’ is possible, but too few achieve that victory.” Today, seven in 10 graduating seniors at public and private colleges have student loans, totaling about $30,000 […]

Maximizing Social Security Benefits for Married Couples

By Chuck Bentley According to Blackrock, the world’s largest investment firm, if you are married, the decision of when to collect Social Security benefits is more than just a question of longevity. You may be able to switch between individual, spousal, and survivor benefits throughout your lifetime in order to maximize your Social Security income. […]

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