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3 Ways Developing Self-Awareness Can Lead to a More Satisfying Career

3 Ways Developing Self-Awareness Can Lead to a More Satisfying Career

Everyone wants a career they’re satisfied with. But it’s one of the great mysteries of the working world — what’s the secret to a satisfying career? In our experience, the answer tends to surprise people. Author, leadership expert, and co-founder of GiANT Jeremie Kubicek put it best when he said, “You have to know yourself […]

3 Ways to Know Your Calling

I believe that as Christians, we should have motivation, peace, and confidence in everything we do. We have the unique advantage of knowing a certain future in Christ; which means we also have the responsibility to orient our lives accordingly. Our vocation is simply an expression of our primary ministry: to serve God. Yet few […]

10 Creative Ways to Make More Money at Work

Finding creative ways to increase your income has become an increasingly important step in navigating the workforce and personal finance. Thankfully, the unemployment rate has decreased to 4.3%, and overall job satisfaction is on the rise. But the workplace is ever-changing, and with all the technological advances and automated changes businesses are making, it’s essential […]

9 Things You Don’t Want to Say at Work

9 Things You Don't Want to Say at Work

Ever feel like you’re not quite sure where “the line” at work is? Many professionals deal with complicated office politics, and often it goes beyond just agreeing with your supervisor or not talking behind their back. I too have found that reckless words at work do far more damage than most folks ever anticipate, whether […]

9 Ways You Can Overcome Stress At Work

Although we are all aware of stress caused by finances and relationships, you’d be amazed at how many people are really stressed and discouraged over issues related to their jobs. Career counseling agencies are finding that job anxiety is one of the major causes of stress in our society. “80% of workers feel stress on […]

The Key to Success: Be the Best Version of YOU!

You’re on your way! You’ve done all the right things to prep for a career or at least your first real job. Your grades are excellent; you’ve talked to counselors and others you respect about possible careers; you even did a job shadowing with a friend from church. You know about the difference between hanging […]

The Best Way to Prepare Your Kids for the Workplace

How do you prepare your children for the workforce? Beyond a good resume, respect for authority, and an outstanding work ethic, the most important thing a young adult needs when entering the workforce is a commitment to Jesus Christ. If your child has a personal relationship and commitment to Christ, they’ll automatically take other key […]

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