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Handling Church Offering

One of the more important aspects of church financial management is establishing an appropriate method of handling offerings. There are certain Internal Revenue Service rules that must be followed regarding handling cash and acknowledging and accepting donations. Receiving the offering Offerings can be received by “passing the plate,” allowing attendees to place their offering in […]

Responsibilities of the church board

Although the authority and responsibilities of church boards are as diverse as the churches they serve, there are some responsibilities that should be consistent and typical for all church boards. These are establishing policy, financial reporting, compensation review, and budget approval. Establishing policy One of the primary functions of the church board, regardless of the denomination or […]

Paying church bills

Like all organizations, churches have certain bills and obligations that must be paid: utilities, mortgage or rent, missions commitments, vehicle expenses, staff payroll, insurance, and so on. As with all other areas of financial management, churches must be extra cautious when paying bills and obligations to ensure that integrity is maintained and that they remain […]

The Financial Message of the Ministry

Although it is each individual’s responsibility to learn God’s principles of finance as presented in the Word of God, most American Christians today don’t know where to begin, what to study, or how to implement what they have studied. Therefore, accepting the responsibility of teaching the biblical principles of finance should become a primary emphasis […]

Turning a Financially Troubled Church Around

Even though there are more churches than ever before in the history of America facing financial problems, there is no simple, quick-fix formula that has proved always to work to reverse financial difficulties.  The most obvious thing that pastors, staff, leaders, and congregations should do first is to pray for God’s wisdom and direction.  Along […]

What Ministers Should Teach

Most Christians in America receive the majority of their spiritual teaching from their pastors and spiritual leaders in their churches. Although some ministers don’t consider teaching on stewardship necessary for spiritual development, the Bible says otherwise. Since the subject of money, possessions, and management is addressed in the Bible more than any other subject except […]