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Ask Chuck: A Simple, Effective Financial Plan

Dear Chuck,  I began participating in my company’s 401K when starting my first job out of college last year. I know I should be giving and setting aside funds for emergencies, too. But where should I start? Novice with Money    Dear Novice with Money,  It’s refreshing to hear from someone your age who’s already […]

Ask Chuck: Is My Currency Worth Anything?

Dear Chuck, Do you, as an expert on money matters, know what I should do with all the foreign coins I’ve collected from the many countries I’ve visited? They include Lei, Bani, Forint, Drachma, Schilling, French Franks, Turkish Lira, Bulgarian Lev, Macedonian Denar, Rand, Old English sixpence, penny, farthing, halfpenny, florin, half crown, threepence, Croatian […]