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Ask Chuck: What Does the Bible Say About the Bitcoin Frenzy?

Dear Chuck, It seems like everyday I see a new headline about Bitcoin. There is quite a frenzy about this digital currency, but something doesn’t feel right to me. Do you have any advice? Is it a good investment, or just a bubble waiting to pop? Sincerely, Cautious Investor   Dear Cautious Investor, Great question! […]

Ask Chuck: Year-End Giving: The Good, The Generous, and The Scammers

Ask Chuck Year End Giving

Dear Chuck, During this time of year, I want to be more generous. I’ll receive a Christmas bonus from my company and I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to give it away. The problem is, I don’t know to who. There are so many charities, ministries, and organizations fundraising, and I have a hard […]

Ask Chuck: Avoiding the Christmas Spending Trap

Dear Chuck, The commercialization of Christmas feels like a big financial trap! My husband and I want to show love to our kids and family but the pressure to spend and borrow just to put a bunch of packages under the tree seems ridiculous. Any advice for stressed out parents like us? Bah Humbug!   […]

Ask Chuck: Lessons From an NFL Quarterback’s Car

Dear Chuck, I’ve been inspired by Washington Redskins quarterback, Kirk Cousins’ frugality. Don’t you think more professional athletes and musicians should set his kind of example? Big Fan of Kirk’s   Dear Big Fan, I not only wish more athletes followed his example, I think all of us could learn from him! Cousins is a […]

Ask Chuck: Preparing for Retirement…In Retirement

Dear Chuck, According to the retirement calculator, I am way behind. My wife says we’ll never be able to retire, and we are both suddenly fearful of what our financial future holds. What can we do? Sincerely, Scared Senior!   Dear Scared Senior, Regardless of whether you’re ahead or behind according to the retirement calculators, […]

Ask Chuck: Can I Use My Credit Card for Black Friday Sales?

ask chuck black friday shopping with credit card

Dear Chuck, I want to take advantage of all the good sales happening for Black Friday but I can’t afford to pay for it all in cash right now. Is it ok to put it on the credit card and pay it off when I get my Christmas bonus? It seems like a waste to […]

Ask Chuck: 3 Ways to Pursue Peace in the Christmas Craziness

ask chuck pursuing peace christmas craziness

Dear Chuck, There seems to be an unending amount of “crazy” in the world. How can I keep my money, time and heart peaceful during the holidays? Thanks, Holiday Jitters   Dear Holiday Jitters, My pastor, Ronnie Batchelor, describes this as the time of year when “…we all experience the familiar unnerving sense that we’re […]

Ask Chuck: Should I Have an Education Savings Account?

Ask Chuck: Should I Have an Education Savings Account?

Dear Chuck, I have 2 daughters that are only 2 years apart that are still in elementary school, but I’m concerned about the cost of college. When is the best time to start saving, and can you explain education savings accounts? I am thinking this is the way I want to help them get their […]

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