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Privacy on your mobile phone

By Chuck Bentley Clark Howard recently shared some helpful information about how to protect your personal information if you use Verizon for your mobile services. In the past, Verizon tracked everything you did on your phone. From an email, to the pages you visit, they collected a data-rich summary of your activity and were able […]

tips for managing cash

By Chuck Bentley Cash remains an important part of our financial transactions. Yet, we tend to forget how important it is to manage our cash. According to the summary of the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice, a national study, cash still has a “dominant role” when it comes to small-value transactions. It also remains essential for […]

Singapore’s Saving System

By Chuck Bentley Forbes Magazine columnist John Goodman had a lot of high praise for the nation of Singapore’s alternative to the American welfare system. He said: Singapore has built an alternative to the European style welfare state. Think of all the reasons why people turn to government in other developed countries: retirement income, housing, […]

Building wealth takes work

By Chuck Bentley “A recent study by Fidelity Investments focused on what it takes to become a millionaire without the help of a game show, and found that many people have the ability to accrue tremendous wealth… “Fidelity’s seventh ‘Millionaire Outlook’ study looked at the potential investors have for moving up toward millionaire status. The key […]

Saving Money on Life Insurance

By Chuck Bentley I think life insurance is a great idea and it is especially important for families to have adequate coverage.  I did a little research on how to save money on life insurance and came across an option that I did not know existed. Some insurance providers allow you to add a rider […]

Where do you eat out the most?

By Chuck Bentley The Huffington Post recently reported that 8 out of 10 Americans eat fast food at least once a month. That comes as no surprise, but their preferred choice did surprise me. A recent study by Morgan Stanley asked the top 3 factors that people look for when choosing a restaurant. The results were: […]

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