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Payday Loan ATMs

By Chuck Bentley A bright orange ATM is popping up around Moscow, Russia at railway stations and shopping malls. This strange kind of ATM looks like a regular cash machine, but it’s designed to accept loan applications and dole out money on the spot. The loan ATM is a product of Oleg Boyko, a Russian billionaire […]

Scam Alert

By Chuck Bentley Anthem, a major health insurance company, warned consumers recently to be aware of scam email campaigns targeting current and former customers of the company. The emails encourage recipients to click a link for credit monitoring services. “These emails are NOT from Anthem,” the insurance company said in the statement. Here is why […]

seven ways to waste money

By Chuck Bentley Tim Challies, a Canadian Pastor, recently wrote an article sharing the areas where he personally found himself wasting his money. I think it’s a great list for all of us. 1. Buying Junk:  Occasionally, it is better to spend a little more money on a quality product rather than buying something that […]

Some easy ways to save money

By Chuck Bentley Below are some easy ways that my family saves money. I hope these tips will be helpful to you, too. Soft drinks There is a reason that soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi are some of the most recognized brands in the world…they can afford to spend a massive amount on advertising […]