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Career Consultant

Career ConsultantYOUR CALLING SHOULDN’T BE SO HARD TO DISCOVERThe good news is that it doesn’t have to be! GET STARTED WITH A COACH Featured By Crown’s Career Direct Coaching Package will help you:Kick the ConfusionFind clarity with our proven filter that will clarify your job search.Learn How to Chart Your CourseGrow in confidence by knowing […]

Fall 2020 Crown Studies

Step into this next seasonin control of your finances. Join the 2 million lives Crown has helped change each year.Enter coupon Sept2020 at check out. SAVE 25% As Seen On This year has presented new challenges.The way we relate and stay in community has changed dramatically. Our online resources provide a fresh way to connect […]

Career Direct

Are You LookingFOR A JOB YOU LOVE? Discover the proven assessment that has helped more than300,000+ people find their perfect career fit.The Career Direct Guidance System START NOW As Seen On: “The Career Direct® assessment helped me realize that through the years I took whatever job came along. I built up a number of skills, […]

Finding the Best Career Fit

Is your child struggling trying to find a college major or career path that’s the perfect fit? Solomon said, “Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.” If you’re making a career choice or trying to guide your children, it’s so important […]

Why Continuous Self-Education Is Good for More Than Just Your Career

For most people, learning — at least, intentional learning — ends after college. They toil through their high school and university years, maybe pursuing an advanced degree. But once they’ve accepted that final diploma, their learning days are done. Or so they think. In reality, we learn all the time. Every work assignment and every […]

Ask Chuck: Practical Advice During the COVID-19 Crisis

Dear Chuck, Many of the young people in my Bible Study are frightened of the Coronavirus and the threat to their families. I understand their fear. But, as an older American, I’m also concerned about their economic well-being in the aftermath of this crisis. What kind of financial advice can I offer them? Sheltered in The Storm    Dear […]

Embarking on a New Career

  Are you counting down to Friday?!   If you’re consistently worn out, dread going to work and dream of a different career, maybe it’s time to make a change! The typical American changes jobs 10-15 times. And often the reasons are beyond their control as with downsizing or relocations.  Other times, there is ineffective […]

Creating A Resume That Best Reflects You

Resumes can be very intimidating and stressful at times. After all, it is usually one of the first opportunities for potential future employers to get to know you. So, how do you decide what to put on this piece of paper to fully represent who you are? Where To Start Begin by envisioning what you […]

Are you achieving your full career potential?

By Chuck Bentley I read a fascinating study by Professor Tony Wagner of the Harvard Graduate School of Education called “Overcoming the Global Achievement Gap.” What is that gap, you may be asking? The Global Achievement Gap is the gap between what even our best schools are teaching and testing versus the skills all students will need for […]

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