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An Emergency Savings Fund

How has your summer been so far? Everything going according to plan? Well, if your summer is going anything like mine, you may have a kid with a broken foot, and a bunch of trees down on your power lines! The truth is, life rarely goes according to our plan. Which is why having a […]

Are You Worried You’ll Outlive Your Retirement Savings?

According to a new survey, “People who earn more than $75,000 have a greater fear that they’ll run out of money in retirement. Overall, 23% of survey respondents say their top worry is that their savings will run out, but 29% of those in the $75,000-and-up income bracket say the same.” According to an […]

Savings Day – Store Brands vs. Name Brands

 This is a good time to increase your savings. It used to irritate me when my wife, Ann purchased store-brand items. I thought they were sub-par until finding out many are made by name-brand companies. Experts say, “.. the cost of store-brand foods and beverages is at least 20 to 25 percent less than name […]

Savings Day – A Dollar a Day

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Day-to-day habits of working and controlling spending is the way to grow your savings. Proverbs 21:5 says: “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.” A recent poll by Chase Bank reports that one in four Americans don’t have a saving account. Yet, […]

Savings Day – Transformation

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Remember when Peter stepped out of the boat?  He stepped into the sacred space of letting go and trusting totally. Are you willing to step out, and let God mold you into faithful stewards for His use? In the Blue Book by Jim Branch, a chapter titled In Between discusses […]

A Savings Lesson from Jojo Gaines

It’s hard to imagine TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines having money problems. Their hit TV show, Fixer Upper, has been the most successful on it’s network ever. But Joanna says she learned a major financial lessons years ago. Early on she learned the importance of having a savings account when she had to empty […]

Savings Day – The Dollar Diet

It’s Build Your Savings day! One way for you to reduce expenses is by going on the “dollar diet”. Now, don’t panic! This diet is fun because you see results quickly. You benefit by increasing savings while developing great habits. First, record all income and all expenses, fixed and variable. Fixed expenses are due every […]

Having a Savings Week

How would you like to dedicate an entire week to saving? In light of current statistics, it may be a great idea! America needs to adopt the Biblical practice of storing money away for future needs. Credit is the opposite of savings. You charge the product with a credit card, then try to pay later […]

Savings Day – “No-Spend Month”

Trying to catch up on your savings?  A no-spend month can build your savings. Sound impossible? Nah, you get to set the rules. The challenge requires thoughtful, disciplined spending. Ponder, “What purchases are controlling my life? What could I eliminate? What options do I have besides spending money?” Lauren Schwahn at the NerdWallet writes that […]

Savings Day – Patience

Trying to improve your savings this year? It’s been said that “Money grows on the tree of patience.” Patience is a fruit of the spirit that comes through abiding in Christ. It’s not a natural characteristic of our flesh. We’re naturally impatient! Just observe toddlers or teenagers for a while! But God is patient and wants […]