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How to Make a Budget

Did you know that tracking your spending and creating a budget can be freeing and actually bring peace? A budget empowers you to know exactly where your money is going and helps you reach your financial goals. When you use a budget, your money starts working for you, not the other way around. Contrary to […]

7 Steps to Recover From a Crisis

In the wake of devastating natural disasters across the United States, we are reminded of the importance equipping individuals with accurate and timely information. From Hurricane Harvey, to the fires in the Northwest, to Hurricane Irma, we have experienced an avalanche of destruction across the nation. Power outages, destroyed homes, lost belongings, displaced families, and […]

MoneyLife Budget

MoneyLife Budget Planner

Having a realistic spending plan and tracking your spending are two important steps towards achieving true financial freedom. These tools help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.Crown offers basic budgeting and tracking tools in the MoneyLife Planner (which will require you to create an account). However, we […]

How to Get Started on a Budget

Someone once told me that they thought budgeting was the financial equivalent of eating brussels sprouts. No one likes to do it, but we all know we should!   Well, maybe you can identify with my friend, or maybe you can identify with my wife, who loves both budgeting and brussels sprouts! If you need […]

Starting a Budget

Have you been waiting to make a budget until you make just a littttlle more money? Have you had good intentions to save for retirement but it just hasn’t  happened? Or maybe you were going to rework your plan to get out of debt, but it was just never the right time. If you think […]

Make a Plan – Budget

Have you seen the documentary called Free Solo? It’s the nail-biting story of Alex Honnold’s (pron. like ‘Ronald’) death-defying climb of El Capitan without ropes or any assistance. Honnold simplified his life to better focus on his dream. He planned his climb with intense detail, visualizing the moves, memorizing the sequences, & imagining every aspect […]

How To Budget on Inconsistent Income

how to budget on inconsistent income

Learning how to budget can be challenging! For some people, it comes naturally, but for others, it takes an extra dose of discipline to develop the habit. But knowing how to budget when you have inconsistent income can be especially challenging. An increasing number of professionals are working for themselves, creating their own businesses, and […]

8 Budget Hacks to Help You Save

8 budget hacks

Dear Chuck, I’ve seen that you really encourage people to save $1,000 that they don’t touch at all except for extreme emergencies, but seriously, I CAN’T DO IT!  I need some advice on where to cut because I’m so close to the edge. Got any ideas? Open to Suggestion Dear Open, Trust me, you are […]

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