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Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen To Good People?

This is the age old question that, unanswered, can destroy faith. If God is all-powerful and capable of defeating evil, then why is there so much evil in the world? Why does He allow evil when He can stop it? Kirk Cameron’s latest movie “Unstoppable” boldly and creatively sets out to answer these very questions. After the death of a very young friend, Kirk set out on a very personal journey to examine his own faith by answering his questions and doubts. He goes back literally to the beginning to better understand the origins of good and evil and how each affects our lives – and our eternities. He found faith hope and love in the midst of tragedy and came out the other side even stronger in his faith. Crown’s Chuck Bentley talked with Kirk Cameron to discuss not only the impetus for this journey, but also the journey itself and the impact it had on his faith and life. Presented in 5 segments each day this week, this interview is available as the daily podcast. Please join us e ...

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Let's get to work -- eight proven tips to find your dream job this year

Robert Dickie helps people develop career goals in Fox News article. 

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Jobs hunt getting you down -- how to build a full-time life in a part-time world

By Robert Dickie III Published August 02, 2013 -
Cultural shifts through industrial and technological advances have re-written maps and world histories as people responded to events, grasping for that which drives humankind: survival.

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