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Thinking about buying a home? You may not want to wait until next year.

You may think December is too busy to consider house hunting, but expert Robyn Woodman at explains that lower buyer competition, motivated sellers, and year-end tax benefits are good reasons to make a purchase now. If you are in the market, it may be worth taking a vacation day to work with a realtor who probably has more time available for showings.  Homes are priced to sell in December because there are fewer active buyers. You may get to avoid multiple offers, bidding wars and escalator clauses. For a home to be on the market in December there may be a need to sell due to a job relocation, financial hardship or personal change of circumstance. It gives you the opportunity to negotiate a price and closing date that works for you. Closing by December 31st allows you to deduct property taxes, mortgage interest, origination points on your loan and interest costs. December is traditionally a slow month for mortgage brokers, meaning they may be motivated to offer special ...

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What is the number one financial regret of older Americans?

“Most Americans are filled with regrets — financial regrets. Fully three in four, in fact, admit they harbor financial regrets, according to a survey of more than 1,000 adults by Their biggest regret: not saving for retirement early enough (nearly one in five Americans put this in the No. 1 spot). What’s more, among those age 65 and up, 27% said this was the biggest regret, compared with 17% of those aged 30 to 49." Those in the younger generation are probably just not old enough to realize they probably have also started saving too late!  Now, here is the tragedy of this regret. God’s Word teaches us to save. It should be a regular part of our life to regularly save money. And it’s never too late to start. You can also make progress on saving money by taking on an extra job or starting a small business or service to increase your income. God will be faithful to provide your needs; our part is to be faithful to obey His commands and princi ...

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Are you confused by retirement accounts and investments?

Christine wrote me with this question: I have worked several different jobs. I have retirement money affiliated with each employer. I am considering consolidating to one new account, but I am confused on who to invest with and what type of account to open? Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Christine, you have a few basic options to consider: Leave your money in your former employer's plan, if your former employer permits it. Roll over your money to a new 401(k) plan, if this option is available. Roll over your money to a Traditional IRA. Roll over your money to a Roth IRA. Take a cash distribution. First, be sure it is to your advantage to move the money from your former employer’s 401(k) plan. It you are allowed the same options and controls over the account as an existing employee, it may be to your benefit to leave the money where it is. Ask a professional financial advisor to help you analyze this option. Depending on some variables, you can chose to l ...

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Good Advice On Planning For Retirement

Are you thinking about and planning your retirement? My guest today is David McAlvany, President of McAlvany Wealth Advisors and author of his newest book, The Intentional Legacy. David, what is the single-most important tip you would give a person planning their retirement? “Through no fault of their own, the rules have changed. You used to be able to count on 4% of your savings to supplement your retirement income. Today, it’s no longer possible. This is for two reasons. One, interest rates have been set so low by the world’s central banks that you can’t count on the magical 5% coming in from your bank’s certificates of deposit. Two, in the equity markets, things are so overvalued that you now have a growing list of professional investors. This includes John Bogle of Vanguard funds, who says you can expect only 2% per year over the next decade because things are so overpriced today. You have to lower your expectations and anticipate to draw 2% instead of 4% - which ...

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