For years, I have tossed my coins in a jar and rolled them once a year. The boys and I spend a couple hours rolling and get our grins watching the money grow with each additional roll.

Coinstar kiosks, located at grocery stores and Walmart, will roll your If you’re like me, you don’t like to carry a pocketful of change. Do you collect yours in a jar?change but charge you a 10.9% fee for the service. When registering online, they offer the option of trading your coins for e-gift cards or donations to charity.

Personally, I prefer to roll the coins myself while talking with my sons. This is a tradition they may take to their homes someday.

When our children were young, the activity taught them coin identification and sorting. They had to count and use addition skills. They still delight in finding old coins and calculating the value of their spare change.

If rolling is an activity you don’t like or have time for, check with your bank. Some will allow you to bring in your unrolled coins for deposit into your account. If you choose to take this route, why not consistently deposit where you can earn the most interest?

Some people save their change for a family vacation, Christmas, or college. Perhaps you will want to use it for an anniversary night out. It is a reward for your discipline in saving over time.

It’s possible to work extra hard to see those coins accumulate. Simply pay with cash in order to quickly fill your coin jar in anticipation of reaching a certain goal. 

Finally, keep in mind Proverbs 21:5. According to The Living Bible, “Steady plodding brings prosperity, hasty speculation brings poverty.”

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