Years ago, I was between jobs and not sure where to turn. I began praying and asking God to open doors for me through my network of friends. In just a few days a friend referred me to a friend of his who owned a large company. The interview was a few short questions about my experience, my training and overall fit for the position. The truth was, I fell far short in all three areas. The owner, although polite, asked me why I had even come for the interview and then looked at me and said that it would not work out. At that moment, I stood to shake his hand and asked with a level of confidence that could have only come from God: “Sir, I understand your concerns, I am not very qualified for the position. But will you give me a chance to prove myself?”

I was hired on 90-day probation. If I couldn’t do the job then I would Are you looking for a job this year? I have an encouraging story for terminated. By God’s grace, within the first 30 days I had made a very large sell for the company that shocked everyone, including me. And it didn’t stop there. That happened month after month. The first year I was top producer in the company and by my fourth year I had set a number of company records. 

This year, ask God to open doors for you. Be willing to leave your comfort zone and trust Him to provide all you need to excel in your work. God is faithful.

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