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Economies Thrive on Hope not Jealousy, says Crown Financial Ministries

By Robert Dickie III KNOXVILLE, TN (09-19-14) – In light of this week’s Census Bureau announcement that the $13 trillion spent in the U.S. on anti-poverty programs has done little for the 14 percent of Americans in poverty, discussions of “income disparity” re-launched. At the Federalist, Crown President Robert Dickie III unpacked the debate, observing the focus on income inequality misses the point.
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The 2007 “Black Swan” has not lost its bite

By Robert Dickie - (5-25-14) As more Americans struggle to build a full-time life in a part-time world, the cosmic shift in job creation from steady employment to a patchwork of professions leaves many wondering when this will end.

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Our Black Swan Economy: The End of the World as We Know it, And New Beginning

By Robert Dickie III KNOXVILLE, TN (05-24-14) –“Black Swan” events mark unpredicted, even unseen, game-changing shifts that forever alter the course of what comes next. They are like the proverbial meteor striking the earth, changing life, as we know it.
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The start-up environment is my favorite place to make a living - here's how to succeed in it

Starting a business requires the endurance of a marathon runner fueled by the passion of new love. It is a challenging environment, fraught with obstacles and not for the weak of heart.   When speaking with people in the midst of their start-up you will hear the tale of two companies -- those in the best of times and the worst of times -- and sometimes all in the same day. Recent jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that about 12.7 percent of Americans are unemployed if you count discouraged workers facing long-term unemployment. Facing limited opportunity, it could be time to consider whether finding that dream job requires starting your own company. The start-up environment is my favorite place to earn a living – a world in which being your own boss and your own best employee are intertwined. Chance of survival for a start-up offers an entrepreneur some hope. While 25 percent fail in the first year, about 60 percent of start-ups make it three years while ...

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Jobs hunt getting you down -- how to build a full-time life in a part-time world

By Robert Dickie III Published August 02, 2013 -
Cultural shifts through industrial and technological advances have re-written maps and world histories as people responded to events, grasping for that which drives humankind: survival.

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