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Love and Marriage and Money: Can you get all Three?

By Chuck Bentley The millions spent on Valentine’s Day may fuel the passions of new love, but if you want “happily ever after” you may want to consider a budget. I once counseled newlyweds, who just six months after their wedding, were struggling to keep their marriage together. The reason was no mystery. They had accumulated $180,000 of combined consumer and student loan debt on just $60,000 of income. The engagement, wedding, honeymoon and home furnishings were all purchased on credit cards and with loans from family. Their financial picture was shocking, even to me. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last through their first year and bankruptcy was in the future for both. While many couples pledge to stay together “for richer, for poorer,” making a plan for handling both can help you keep that promise. Researchers have found that money fights are the best predictor of divorce – more poisonous than conflicts over kids, sex, the in-laws or any other points of contention ...

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The start-up environment is my favorite place to make a living - here's how to succeed in it

Starting a business requires the endurance of a marathon runner fueled by the passion of new love. It is a challenging environment, fraught with obstacles and not for the weak of heart.   When speaking with people in the midst of their start-up you will hear the tale of two companies -- those in the best of times and the worst of times -- and sometimes all in the same day. Recent jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that about 12.7 percent of Americans are unemployed if you count discouraged workers facing long-term unemployment. Facing limited opportunity, it could be time to consider whether finding that dream job requires starting your own company. The start-up environment is my favorite place to earn a living – a world in which being your own boss and your own best employee are intertwined. Chance of survival for a start-up offers an entrepreneur some hope. While 25 percent fail in the first year, about 60 percent of start-ups make it three years while ...

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A Christian Alternative To 'Davos Man' And The Federal Reserve

Recently I spoke in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at the annual Christian Economic Forum sponsored by Crown Financial Ministries. Crown was founded by Larry Burkett who, along with my friend, Ron Blue, launched the modern movement among evangelical Christians which focuses on Biblical principles of personal finance. Ron and Larry taught a new generation of Christians the Biblical admonitions toward productive labor, spending control, thrift and generosity. These same virtues launched capitalism amidst the Calvinists of 16th Century Holland, and provided the character backbone of the rise of England during the Victorian era. Ron Blue is still going strong and has just launched the Ronald Blue Institute at Indiana Wesleyan University, but we’ll leave the RBI for another column. Though Burkett has passed away, his legacy is being carried on by my friend Chuck Bentley. One of Chuck’s best ideas is an annual Christian Economic Forum at Jackson Hole. The CEF gathers Christian entrepreneurs, economists an ...

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Watch a Special Video Message from Chuck Bentley

Watch a Special Video Message from Chuck Bentley from Crown Financial Ministries on Vimeo.

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