Crown International Leaders

Andre Styger

Andre Styger, Ministry Expansion Officer - Africa

Andre earned his Bachelors degree in Law (B.Proc) at the Free State University of South Africa and was subsequently admitted as an Attorney, Property-Conveyancer and Notary Public of the Supreme Court of South Africa.
Andrew Nedelchev

Andrew Nedelchev, Ministry Expansion Officer - Europe

Andrew Nedelchev joined Crown Financial Ministries as the Program Director for Europe in June 2008 and in March 2012 became the Ministry Expansion Officer for Europe. Andrew is Bulgarian and was born on 12 December 1977 in Sofia, which remains his hometown.
Frank Gonzalez

Frank Gonzalez, Director of Crown Latin Ministries

Frank Gonzalez started his professional development at a very young age. At 17 he completed a course on credits analysis and Banco de Lara, a regional bank in Venezuela, recruited him. For the next 18 years he continue to work in the banking industry, working at an executive level at several important banks in his country such as Interbank and Banco Mercantil.
Wilson Cheah

Wilson Cheah, Ministry Expansion Officer - Asia

Wilson Cheah is serving Crown Financial Ministries as the Vice President for the Asia Pacific area. He comes with a business background, which spans over 35 years across a wide spectrum of industries from fast moving consumer goods to leisure and retailing.