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Forget the IRS and Benghazi......

“Forget the IRS and Benghazi! Here’s the Real Scandal:” Profli-Gate, observes Crown’s Chuck Bentley in the Washington Post

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Business tithing

Any business generally reflects the values of its principle owners or managers. It is the reflection of these values that determines whether a business is labeled Christian or non-Christian. 

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When Governments Rob Banks

Crown Warns U.S. Savers to Protect their Money from a Debt-burdened Government

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Owning versus renting

One decision that all adults in America have to face in their search for housing is whether to buy or to rent. The choice usually depends on how much they can afford to spend.

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Investing in rental real estate

It has been said that the thing you know best you do best. The majority of Americans know how to evaluate rental properties, particularly residential housing. 

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To sue or not to sue?

The purpose of a lawsuit is to provide someone who has suffered a loss at the hands of another party a legal means to recover the property or other damages from the offender.

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