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The term bankruptcy comes from two Latin words and literally means “broken bench.” Under Roman law, creditors divided up the assets of a delinquent debtor, then broke the debtor's workbench as punishment and a warning to other indebted tradesmen.

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Update on IRAs Part 1

The rules and regulations pertaining to IRAs continue to grow in complexity as time goes on, even though some of the latest rules purportedly simplify IRAs and liberalize contribution limits. 

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Miscellaneous professional deductions

In addition to travel and transportation expenses and housing allowance, there are other professional expenses that can be deductible if they are unreimbursed by the church or paid directly by the church.

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Responsibilities of the church board

Although the authority and responsibilities of church boards are as diverse as the churches they serve, there are some responsibilities that should be consistent and typical for all church boards. 

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