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Investing isn't simply multiplying and storing assets without purpose – that's hoarding, which is condemned by Jesus in Luke 12:16-21. 

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Investing for beginners

There are many reasons why people want to invest. Some want to invest for the sake of making money. This is the wrong motivation.

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Making Money From Home

For many of our forebears, home wasn't just a place to live — it was a center of commerce. Whether by running a cottage industry or a family farm, our ancestors earned a living not far from where they ate and slept. 

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Should I start a business? Part 2

Each year in America thousands of new business ventures are started. Some of these succeed and some end in failure.

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What the Bible says about borrowing

In a recent survey of several seminary students, it was determined that 70 percent of those surveyed felt that borrowing was scripturally prohibited.

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Giving to Missions Work

For the majority of Christians in America, serving God will never lead to worldwide fame, writing best sellers, or ministering to hundreds in foreign lands. 

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Multilevel sales programs

What is a multilevel sales program? In reality, every product is sold via a multilevel system. The manufacturer marks it up and sells it to a retailer, who marks it up and sells it to a customer. This is a delivery system that has proved very effective over the centuries.

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Career Planning: Is it ever too soon to begin?

It apparently is not ever too early to plan for a career, considering the fact that our modern-day public schools are often forcing teens to make key education and career decisions at increasingly earlier ages—sometimes as early as 6th or 7th grade. 

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