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The financial message of the ministry

Although it is each individual's responsibility to learn God's principles of finance as presented in the Word of God, most American Christians today don't know where to begin, what to study, or how to implement what they have studied. 

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The other U.S. Savings Bond

U.S. savings bonds—often given as graduation, baptism, birthday, and wedding gifts—are popular because they are, for all practical purposes, 100 percent risk free, and they can be easily purchased at most banks, at government financial institutions, at work, or through the U.S. Treasury either by mail or online.

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Business or ministry?

A business sells a product and makes a profit. A ministry serves a function that cannot be done at a profit. One of the keys to detecting a business being disguised as a ministry is to see how the funds are generated.

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Unequally yoked

Choosing a business partner should be done with the same caution as choosing a spouse.

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Investing in precious metals

Eternally attractive to mankind, precious metals have found their principal use as a store of value. Because of their rarity and durability, for thousands of years precious metals have been accepted almost universally as money. 

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Avoiding get-rich-quick schemes

It is amazing how susceptible Christians are to get-rich-quick schemes and how logical the schemes seem at first. Every year thousands of Christian families risk and lose money they can't afford to lose while seeking that "big deal." 

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Ten Ways to Save Money

Most families are looking for ways to save money, and financial consultants by the hundreds feel that they have the money-saving methods for which these families are looking. 

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Debt Issues?

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