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Should You Be Preparing a War Portfolio?

Fear should never drive investment decisions. The smarter move is to stick with a portfolio that's well diversified and that reflects your long-range financial goals, risk tolerance and personal circumstances. 

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Understanding Mutual Fund Loads and Share Classes

What does it cost to buy mutual funds? That depends on how you buy them...whether you go to them or they come to you. 

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What ministers should teach

Most Christians in America receive the majority of their spiritual teaching from their pastors and spiritual leaders in their churches. 

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The security you seek is in God’s Economy

In the last year, we’ve witnessed the world shifting like sand beneath our feet. We’ve been asking ourselves, “What’s happened to us?” “Is it ever going back to the way it used to be?” “What kind of adjustments do we need to make to prepare for the future?”

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Debt Issues?

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