Teaching lessons on surety

With regard to finances, surety is probably the least taught and least understood principle in God's Word. Considering the number of times the Scriptures warn against surety, its amazing to think that ...

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Reporting housing allowances

Ministers are allowed to receive lodging or accommodations from the church free of income tax liabilities. However, churches need to “cover all their bases” in order to satisfy the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to maximize housing allowance benefits for ministers.

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The offering

Because the handling of cash itself does not result in the Internal Revenue Service acknowledging and accepting the accounting of funds given or received, establishing an appropriate method of handling offerings could be one of the more important aspects of church financial management.

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Saving money by using generic drugs

When your pharmacist asks if you want the brand name or generic, do you wonder if the quality will be lower if you choose the less expensive generic prescription drug? 

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Are Your Vendors Happy?

"Do I pay staff, payroll taxes, or the vendor?" After staring at the checkbook it was obvious I could only do one of the three. This is a dilemma many business leaders have faced, but now the decision was mine. 

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Auto repairs, mechanics, and extended warranties

The average monthly repairs for the average American car on the road (which is a car approximately seven years old) is about 5 percent of a family's budget, which includes tires, batteries, tune-ups, and other things that might break, such as transmissions or other major repairs.

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How to identify business bondage

Financial bondage applies to more than just indebtedness. Certainly those who owe more than they can pay are in bondage. However, those who have a large surplus and live in fear, pride, or with an inflated ego are also in bondage. 

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Smart Ways to Give

When it comes to your assets, you may be able to hold onto them longer by giving them away.

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Investing in IRAs

Social Security has traditionally been regarded as the first of the three-legged stool upon which retirement income rests. Historically, Social Security has provided less than half of retirees' monthly income. 

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Using credit cards for business expenses

It is common practice in today's business world for employers to reimburse employees for business-related expenses: hotel rooms and meals while on a business trip or gasoline if the employee's car is used for business purposes.

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