When Governments Rob Banks

Crown Warns U.S. Savers to Protect their Money from a Debt-burdened Government

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Owning versus renting

One decision that all adults in America have to face in their search for housing is whether to buy or to rent. The choice usually depends on how much they can afford to spend.

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Investing in rental real estate

It has been said that the thing you know best you do best. The majority of Americans know how to evaluate rental properties, particularly residential housing. 

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To sue or not to sue?

The purpose of a lawsuit is to provide someone who has suffered a loss at the hands of another party a legal means to recover the property or other damages from the offender.

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Apple’s tax ethics

Apple, Inc. recently “took a bite” out of its corporate tax liabilities and caused a public outcry. But the ethical issues raised by such a move do not begin or end with them alone, observed Crown CEO Chuck Bentley in the Washington Post, in a piece titled “Apple’s tax ethics: Unpatriotic or Shrewdness in Action.”

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Long-range investing goals

Goal setting is a chief prerequisite to effective investing. As people consider what to do with their money, they need to think about where they want to end up financially. 

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Managing time with a home business

According to several recent surveys, more women than ever are seeking to leave full-time jobs and return home to become stay-at-home moms or to operate home-based businesses.

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Writing a résumé

A résumé provides a well-thought-out, concise picture of you - the job seeker. It needs to communicate quickly, clearly, and accurately your objective, qualifications, experience, creden ...

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Correct vocational direction is related to basic abilities, and God endows every Christian with unique abilities, desires, and gifts to accomplish His will through them (see 1 Corinthians 12). Choo ...

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Job Loss

It is never pleasant to be laid off, but the experience can be a good opportunity to make important progress. Don’t withdraw and lose hope in God’s leadership and guidance. Admit, a ...

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