Caring programs in the Church

Every church seeking to serve the Lord should have caring programs established to help their own needy, the needy in their community, and the needy in the world.

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Benevolence - How to Begin

It is well known that there are churches in every community that help the needy. These benevolence ministries are often called “Alms” ministries because they are giving alms to the poor. You are more likely to see this kind of community benevolence ministry than to see one that meets the needs of people in the congregation.

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What a Quality Doll!

My three-year-old daughter's birthday party brought a surprise lesson on integrity. As Rebekah opened the big attractive box, with a beautiful red ribbon, you could see the excitement dance in her eyes as she viewed the new American Girl doll.

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Buying Influence

Years ago in my corporate life I received a newly drafted company ethics policy. One of the first declarations all employees were required to comply with and sign stated, “No one directly or indirectly would buy favors or influence any outside party for the benefit of the individual or the business.”

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The Most Asked Questions Regarding Wills and Trusts

The vast majority of Americans do not have a will or a trust. If they died today they would leave the distribution of their assets to the state. Without a doubt this represents poor stewardship.

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Take Advantage of Free Credit Reports

When purchasing my current home, I met with a mortgage lender who, as standard procedure, had pulled my credit report. To my dismay, there appeared on the list numerous credit accounts that I had closed years earlier. 

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What happened to the economic earthquake?

I wrote a book in late 1991, The Coming Economic Earthquake, the gist of which was that the U.S. government was spending significantly more money than it was generating each year in tax revenues.

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Business competitors

A close friend, whom we will call Bill, called to discuss a difficult situation he was facing. Several months before, Bill had released a key employee because of his belligerent attitude.

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Forget the IRS and Benghazi......

“Forget the IRS and Benghazi! Here’s the Real Scandal:” Profli-Gate, observes Crown’s Chuck Bentley in the Washington Post

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Business tithing

Any business generally reflects the values of its principle owners or managers. It is the reflection of these values that determines whether a business is labeled Christian or non-Christian. 

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