The unemployment numbers released in August report an unemployment rate in this country of 7.3% and the anemic creation of 162k jobs in July down from our 2013 monthly average of 192k per month hid startling statistics of the new economy.

In 2013 77% of the jobs that have been created were part-time. When you calculate the unemployment numbers with the number of Americans under-employed (working less than 35 hours a week) our unemployment rate is actually around 14.3% reports the New York Times.
This is the slowest recovery in the past 70 years with unemployment rising, part-time jobs becoming the norm, incomes decreasing, and those with savings facing a “no-margin” investment era. It is official, we have a new economy with new rules. To win and have success in this new era we cannot play the game with the rules of the past. This is not our grandparent’s economy.

Recently I wrote an article for FoxNews titled Jobs hunt getting you down — how to build a full-time life in a part-time world. I provided 7 tips for those looking to have success in this new era. An interesting aspect I was not able to elaborate on in this piece is the fact that due to the dire jobs situation in this country entrepreneurship is rapidly increasing. From 2000-2007 it has been reported that at the top MBA programs in the country upwards of 50% sought jobs in the finance sector upon graduation. After the crash of 2007 graduates at those same institutions have been rushing to become entrepreneurs with a growth rate that has tripled in the past three years.