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No Strings Attached

Accountability, according to Merriam-Webster, is an “obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions.” That seems to be a very lofty expectation. 

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Take Advantage of Free Credit Reports

When purchasing my current home, I met with a mortgage lender who, as standard procedure, had pulled my credit report. To my dismay, there appeared on the list numerous credit accounts that I had closed years earlier. 

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Owning versus renting

One decision that all adults in America have to face in their search for housing is whether to buy or to rent. The choice usually depends on how much they can afford to spend.

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Finding financial freedom

It is not always a lack of money that creates financial pressure. Many times it is simply a matter of attitude. If there is a right attitude toward money, freedom from financial bondage can be assured. 

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How to Avoid Post-Vacation Sticker Shock

How much did the typical adult spend on his or her summer vacation last year? $400? $800? The average price tag was actually closer to $1,200. Imagine, then, how much money a family of four spent!

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Charting a financial road map

It may seem strange, but many people don't know if they have financial goals. Even stranger, some think they have financial goals when they really don't. "Get rich" or "make as much as possible" don't qualify as goals, because true goals have to be measurable at different points in time in order to be of any real use.

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Budget Busters

Budget busters – areas that can result in financial disaster.

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Finding financial counsel

A commonly asked question from Christians seeking advice on financial matters is, “How can I find good Christian counsel?” 

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Steps to Making a Budget

Many people feel intimidated when they hear the word "budget." However, a budget is simply a plan for how to spend money.

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Debt Issues?

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