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Business tithing

Any business generally reflects the values of its principle owners or managers. It is the reflection of these values that determines whether a business is labeled Christian or non-Christian. 

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When Governments Rob Banks

Crown Warns U.S. Savers to Protect their Money from a Debt-burdened Government

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To sue or not to sue?

The purpose of a lawsuit is to provide someone who has suffered a loss at the hands of another party a legal means to recover the property or other damages from the offender.

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Apple’s tax ethics

Apple, Inc. recently “took a bite” out of its corporate tax liabilities and caused a public outcry. But the ethical issues raised by such a move do not begin or end with them alone, observed Crown CEO Chuck Bentley in the Washington Post, in a piece titled “Apple’s tax ethics: Unpatriotic or Shrewdness in Action.”

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Managing time with a home business

According to several recent surveys, more women than ever are seeking to leave full-time jobs and return home to become stay-at-home moms or to operate home-based businesses.

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Business priorities

Good business planning must involve setting priorities and working on the most important ones first. In the area of money, that is called budgeting.

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What is a Christian Business?

I think everyone knows and understands there is no such entity as a "Christian business." A business is a corporation, partnership, or proprietorship. Yet a business may reflect the values of the principal owners and managers. 

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Business borrowing

A well-known business periodical recently said, “Debt doesn't have to be a four-letter word for businesses. 

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Medical care for aging baby boomers

Medicare is a government-sponsored health insurance program for most people who are 65 or older, although some disabled people under the age of 65 also may qualify. 

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Pay Up!

A construction company was involved in building a specialty plant for a large international company. When the building project began experiencing difficulties, the international company informed this contractor that they were not going to pay them over $700,000, even though they had no legitimate reason. 

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