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How to refinance

The primary reason couples choose to refinance their home mortgages is because of low mortgage interest rates. However, before refinancing, they should be aware that sometimes they may end up paying more, not less, for a mortgage because lenders charge new types of fees, and loan arrangements can be complex.

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Saving money by using generic drugs

When your pharmacist asks if you want the brand name or generic, do you wonder if the quality will be lower if you choose the less expensive generic prescription drug? 

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Auto repairs, mechanics, and extended warranties

The average monthly repairs for the average American car on the road (which is a car approximately seven years old) is about 5 percent of a family's budget, which includes tires, batteries, tune-ups, and other things that might break, such as transmissions or other major repairs.

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Smart Ways to Give

When it comes to your assets, you may be able to hold onto them longer by giving them away.

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How to be a success

A look into God's Word quickly reveals that material blessings were given because God loved His people, not because His people deserved those blessings.

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Buying a new car vs. keeping an old car

Many families buy cars they can't afford and trade them in long before their usefulness has expired. Most Americans trade cars because they want to rather than need to.

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The term bankruptcy comes from two Latin words and literally means “broken bench.” Under Roman law, creditors divided up the assets of a delinquent debtor, then broke the debtor's workbench as punishment and a warning to other indebted tradesmen.

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Giving to Missions Work

For the majority of Christians in America, serving God will never lead to worldwide fame, writing best sellers, or ministering to hundreds in foreign lands. 

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Should a Christian sue a company?

Although in part one of “Should a Christian Sue?” we concluded that it would not be a good example of Christ-like character for a Christian to sue another individual, is the same standard advised in dealing with a business, a corporation, or an insurance company?

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Use of tithes

Part of being a good steward (manager) of what God has provided is to give a portion back to Him.

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Debt Issues?

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