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Determining and funding the church budget

Every church should establish and operate on a budget. Not only is it a useful management tool, but a budget can help pastors teach stewardship to their congregations.

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Giving accountability

At times it seems that the government places a lot of cumbersome and unnecessary rules and regulations on churches, especially with regard to giving accountability and justification.

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Social Security tax for ministers

Social Security taxes are collected under two systems in America. Under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), employers pay one-half of the tax and the employee pays the other half.

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What ministers should teach

Most Christians in America receive the majority of their spiritual teaching from their pastors and spiritual leaders in their churches. 

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Financial accountability in church administration

The American public generally has high expectations of religious organizations and churches. For the most part, donors and attendees recognize that enormous needs exist that the church is called upon to meet, and they usually want to respond adequately to help the church meet those needs.

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