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The offering

Because the handling of cash itself does not result in the Internal Revenue Service acknowledging and accepting the accounting of funds given or received, establishing an appropriate method of handling offerings could be one of the more important aspects of church financial management.

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Responsibilities of the church board

Although the authority and responsibilities of church boards are as diverse as the churches they serve, there are some responsibilities that should be consistent and typical for all church boards. 

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Paying church bills

Like all organizations, churches have certain bills and obligations that must be paid: utilities, mortgage, missions commitments, vehicle payments, staff payroll, insurance, and so on.

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Giving accountability

At times it seems that the government places a lot of cumbersome and unnecessary rules and regulations on churches, especially with regard to giving accountability and justification.

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Financial accountability in church administration

The American public generally has high expectations of religious organizations and churches. For the most part, donors and attendees recognize that enormous needs exist that the church is called upon to meet, and they usually want to respond adequately to help the church meet those needs.

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