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How To Give Employees Ownership Or Equity Value

Q: When and how should I give equity or other incentives to my senior managers in order to retain them? I’m considering giving them equity, but not sure how to do that.

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How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Are you thinking of starting a business? Wondering how you can make your current business more profitable? Business expert and serial entrepreneur Wade Myers discusses Concept Risk, Cash Cycle and Scalability, three key indicators in your business success.

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Internet Business Models Explained

Q: I have a few quick questions for you. Since you’ve had experience with dot-com businesses, in your opinion: Are dot-com businesses (like for instance NetFlix) still viable business ideas? From idea conception to sustainable profit, for dot-com businesses, what amount of capital and time is usually required (assuming that they are good enough ideas to succeed)? What kind of internet business models are there?

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Starting Your Business – Part 1

In addition to wealth generation and Kingdom impact (such as we see with the Cook’s Pest Control case), having your own business – especially a family business – can also reform the family economy and relationships. 

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Business borrowing

A well-known business periodical recently said, “Debt doesn't have to be a four-letter word for businesses. Borrowing money is a safe and easy, natural, respectable, time-honored tradition for financing business operating capital, expansion, the purchase of equipment, building up inventory, and to even-out cash flow.

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What a Quality Doll!

My three-year-old daughter's birthday party brought a surprise lesson on integrity. As Rebekah opened the big attractive box, with a beautiful red ribbon, you could see the excitement dance in her eyes as she viewed the new American Girl doll.

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Buying Influence

Years ago in my corporate life I received a newly drafted company ethics policy. One of the first declarations all employees were required to comply with and sign stated, “No one directly or indirectly would buy favors or influence any outside party for the benefit of the individual or the business.”

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Business competitors

A close friend, whom we will call Bill, called to discuss a difficult situation he was facing. Several months before, Bill had released a key employee because of his belligerent attitude.

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Forget the IRS and Benghazi......

“Forget the IRS and Benghazi! Here’s the Real Scandal:” Profli-Gate, observes Crown’s Chuck Bentley in the Washington Post

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When Governments Rob Banks

Crown Warns U.S. Savers to Protect their Money from a Debt-burdened Government

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