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Make Sure Your Decision-Making Is Inside-Out

One of the more contra-intuitive propositions that I regularly put forth in my newsletter is the idea that one's investing decisions can usually be made with little regard for what's currently going on in the investment markets.

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Why invest?

God is the perfect partner in any investment program. It is He who supplies all the seed to be planted. We plant it; He multiplies it.

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Investing in mutual funds

There have never been more stock and bond investment opportunities or information sources available than at the present, but deciding which stocks or bonds to buy has never been more difficult. 

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Investing in IRAs

Social Security has traditionally been regarded as the first of the three-legged stool upon which retirement income rests. Historically, Social Security has provided less than half of retirees' monthly income. 

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The five-tier system

Investing is not unscriptural. As Christians learn to invest money according to God's principles, they'll find that God will increase their opportunity to help others.

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God Will Provide

For many people, the biggest obstacle to becoming a successful investor is the belief that investing is too difficult for them to handle.

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Investing isn't simply multiplying and storing assets without purpose – that's hoarding, which is condemned by Jesus in Luke 12:16-21. 

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Investing for beginners

There are many reasons why people want to invest. Some want to invest for the sake of making money. This is the wrong motivation.

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Investing in precious metals

Eternally attractive to mankind, precious metals have found their principal use as a store of value. Because of their rarity and durability, for thousands of years precious metals have been accepted almost universally as money. 

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There is a time for everything...

The seasons of life include economic seasons of plenty and famine, both for nations as well as for us on our individual journeys. Nothing can completely insulate us from the occasional cyclic downturns. Our government can't. Our financial advisers can't. And certainly, Sound Mind Investing can't.

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